Better Modulate, Measure and Predict Immune Response to Gene Therapies

Gene therapies are revolutionizing the therapeutic landscape for rare and inherited diseases. For the field to progress, however, there are several unique and complex challenges. Perhaps the most prominent of these challenges is the immune response to gene therapy delivery.

Gene Therapy Immunogenicity is the industry’s definitive digital forum enabling you to better measure, modulate, and predict immune response to your gene therapy candidate.

Virtually uniting industry leaders across the gene therapy space, this multi-disciplinary forum will enable you to develop more effective and safe gene therapies by discussing how you can:

  • Identify and tailor novel capsid proteins for more specific targeting and immunologic evasion
  • Reduce AAV neutralizing antibodies
  • Confidently assess immunosuppression strategies to dampen immune response

As the only online conference dedicated to the immunogenicity of gene therapies, this will be an unrivaled opportunity to join 80+ like-minded thought-leaders from cross-disciplines to foster new connections and partnerships.

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“I really enjoyed engaging in conversations with leaders in the field of gene therapy. The passion to help those plagued by rare diseases was infectious.”

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“This is the place to go to if you want to connect to experts in the field of gene therapy.”


“The congress was very well organized and the educational content and topics was of a very high quality. I left very inspired about what’s to come in gene therapy!”

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