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The 4th Annual Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit

The industry-leading, industry-focused forum for learning how to risk assess, monitor for, and mitigate against the immune responses to AAV gene therapies.

To progress into and through the clinic, drug developers need to reduce the risk of their gene therapy program being derailed by efficacy and safety concerns related to an adverse immune response.

Enabling this requires a comprehensive understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the immune response, as well as the strategies required to modulate, mitigate, and measure any signals which may arise.

This was your opportunity to leverage the ‘latest and greatest’ in all things immunogenicity, across 3 days of in-depth case studies, new data, and new tech presentations.

This Summit Brought Together Leading Voices On:

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Immune Modulation and Suppression

Outline new immune mitigation strategies, and learn how to align immunomodulation regimens with overall development goals, with insights from Spark Therapeutics and the University of Florida

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Immunogenicity Assay Development & Bioanalytics

Explore the value and challenge in developing industry standards for pre-screening assays, and develop risk-driven bioanalytical strategies prior to beginning assay development, with talks from Bristol Myers Squibb and Bayer

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The Innate Immune Response

Evaluate different approaches to mitigate complement activation seen in the clinic, and assess the pro-inflammatory cytokine response to gene therapies, with help from Aspa Therapeutics and Takeda

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Companion Diagnostics Regulation

Understand whether there is scope for standardising gene therapy companion diagnostics, and unpick their thorny regulatory landscape, with insights from Regeneron and the FDA


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Preclinical Models

Level up the translatability of preclinical models, learning how to bridge the translatability gap of both animal and novel models, with new data from AskBio and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine



"If you work on AAV immunogenicity, this meeting is the best place for a direct contact and exchange of ideas with the most relevant colleagues in the gene therapy industry.”

Klaudia Kuranda, Head of Immunology, Spark Therapeutics


"I am thrilled to be speaking in the 2023 Gene Therapy Immunogenicity summit, a great opportunity for scientific exchange and collaborative thinking to address one of the key challenges in gene therapy development.”

Vassili Valayannopoulos, Vice President, Head of Clinical Research & Development, Decibel Therapeutics