Welcome to the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit

The 3rd Annual Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is the industry’s leading forum enabling you to learn how to evaluate and overcome pre-existing immunity to viral vectors, understand how immune-modulatory approaches could enable re-dosing and get to grips with the reality of regulatory expectations around immunological assays.

Hear from the likes of Pfizer, Spark Therapeutics, Sangamo Therapeutics and more across 3 days of in-depth case studies, interactive panel discussions, dedicated Q+A time, and highly appraised networking opportunities to meet and learn from the leaders of this pioneering field.

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Get to grips with best practice for companion diagnostic design, regulatory expectations and partnership validation

Hear from Sangamo Therapeutics and Spark Therapeutics as they deliver an exclusive discussion-based session giving you all the information you need to kickstart companion diagnostic development

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Hear from industry leaders in our opening plenary panel as they address the realities, challenges and potential alternatives to high dose viral vector delivery

Join leaders from Selecta Bio, Sana Bio, Vivet Pharma and Rocket Pharma in an open discussion dissecting all things dose related

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Explore the latest understandings and research on the immunogenicity of the payloads and vectors in the fields of gene therapy and gene editing

Hear from Sangamo Therapeutics, Modalis Therapeutics and Baylor College of Medicine as they dissect their latest research and better understand how your product is evoking any immune response

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Learn best practice strategies in assay maintenance and monitoring

Hear from Sangamo Therapeutics, as they discuss their strategy to monitor an anti-AAV cell-based transduction inhibition assay to support clinical trials

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Understand how to develop an industry leading immunogenicity risk assessment for AAV based gene therapies

Discover how Roche and Beam Therapeutics developed their immunogenicity mitigation strategy including which criteria to account for and which assays are available to evaluate risks

“Will apply lessons imparted from this conference to my future sponsored clinical research”


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