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Why Gene Therapy Immunogenicity?

Immunogenicity compromises both the efficacy and safety of gene therapies and thus represents one of the most prominent challenges that must be overcome in the field. Virtually uniting translational, clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing gene therapy functions, Gene Therapy Immunogenicity is the industry’s definitive digital meeting enabling you to better measure, modulate and predict immune response and drive transformative treatments through the clinic to patients more quickly and efficiently.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • Evaluating the suitability and success of current immunosuppression agents in the context of gene therapy
  • Employing risk assessment tools to develop clinical bioanalytical and immunogenicity monitoring strategies
  • Dissecting the immunogenicity of gene therapy vectors to better understand immunology safety concerns
  • Better understanding the innate immune response & its implications for gene therapy transduction
  • Evaluating the resolution and throughput of technologies to define empty vs full capsid presence
  • Implementing the use of preclinical risk assessment tools to drive clinical immunogenicity strategies for gene therapy modalities
  • What the implications are for the safety and efficacy of gene therapies if re-dosing is to occur