Accurately Predict & Measure Immune Response with Validated Immunoassays and Monitor & Mitigate Against Adverse Events to Deliver Clinically Safe & Effective Gene Therapies

Welcome to the 5th Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit

Optimize Safety & De-Risk Efficacy of Viral Vector Based Gene Therapies

The success of gene therapy hinges on overcoming the immunogenicity challenges of viral vectors. With more viral vector-based gene therapies progressing through the pipeline, we need to seek solutions to this critical bottleneck ‘here and now’.

The 5th Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is returning to Boston this August, bringing together 100+ immunogenicity experts responsible for predicting, measuring, and mitigating immune response. Join your colleagues as they share their learnings and gain key insights on:

  • Effective approaches to promote AAV safety whilst maintaining efficacy
  • Preventing the bottlenecks of the potential slowdown of gene therapy development
  • Access specific, case-study-led examples across immunogenicity and ask the big-hitting immunology questions to your peers actively working in the space to make clinically safe and effective gene therapies a reality.
  • Predicting and mitigating against complement activation and other toxicity issues with Ask Bio, Takeda, and Novartis
  • Validating novel Immunoassays, bioanalytical and biodistribution technology with Astellas Gene Therapies and Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Understanding possible risks around exacerbation of both the innate and adaptive immune response with Roche and Tenaya Therapeutics
  • Exploring the practicalities of AAV redosing through an immunology lens with the University of Indiana and Adolore Biotherapeutics
  • Examine the immunogenicity risks specific to gene editing approached as momentum in the field increases with CRISPR and Modalis Therapeutics

2024 Speaker Faculty Includes:

Previously Attending Companies Include:

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“Variety of topics was good. And the mix of preclinical and clinical presentations. One of the things that made it most enjoyable was the small intimate setting and ability to talk with many attendees.”

Sharon McGonigle, VP-R&D


"Very insightful talks broad enough to cover everything while still having depth. All speakers were knowledgeable and the discussions were helpful.”

Anne Ogbe, Group Lead – Translational, Clinical & Regulatory

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