Overcoming Translational Hurdles, Improving Immunology Assays & Optimizing Clinical Strategies for Mitigating Adverse Immune Responses

The 3rd Annual Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is industry’s definitive forum enabling you to better modulate, measure and predict the immune response to your gene therapy candidate.

In the context of ever-increasing gene therapy clinical activity and uncertainty around challenges posed by immune responses to delivery, this summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotech’s to ensure that you’re up to speed on the latest approaches to evaluate and overcome pre-existing immunity to AAV vectors, understand how immune-modulatory strategies can help to ensure efficacy and safety and learn the reality of regulatory expectations around immunological assays.

Incorporating insights from leading immunological, bioanalytical, and translational experts, this is your opportunity to gain extensive technical information on the contrasts between immunogenicity encountered across organs and administration routes, how models can be enhanced to enable comparative immunology between species and what the latest clinical data tells us about how to adapt existing clinical mitigation strategies to address immunogenicity.

With 35+ industry-based speakers covering pre-clinical and clinical immunogenicity challenges over 2 tracks and 3 packed days of content, don’t miss your chance to join over 100+ fellow industry experts to network in person and share your research as you seek new and improved ways of predicting immunogenicity in the clinic to ultimately ensure the safety and efficacy of gene therapies.

“The Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is an extremely important annual forum for new discoveries in Immunogenicity relating to Gene Therapy”


Adverum Bio

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Joshua Friedman

Head Translational Science

Spark Therapeutics

Lillian Falese

Associate Director - Bioanalytical Development

Spirovant Sciences

Olga Uspenskaya

VP clinical development

Prevail Therapeutics

Steen Klysner

Chief Executive Officer

Amarna Therapeutics

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