Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Company: Indiana University School of Medicine

Job title: Assistant Research Professor


Sandeep is an assistant research professor at Indiana university school of medicine. A virologist by training, he undertook his graduate work at the National Institute of Virology, one of India’s premiere institutes that investigates viral epidemics/pandemics. The focus of his current research is to understand immune responses to viral vectors of gene therapy, with a special interest in AAV vectors.


Panel Discussion: Overcoming Innate Immune Barriers to Effective AAV Gene Therapies 10:15 am

Exploring the latest understanding of innate AAV vector detection pathways (e.g., PRRs, TLRs, RNA sensors) Strategies specifically overcoming AAV genome sensing Proposed and demonstrated methods for directly muting immune cell activationRead more

day: Day Two

Outlining the Innate Sensing Mechanisms to AAV-Encoded Transgenes In Different Target Tissues 8:45 am

Overview of innate sensing of AAV vector and its transgene Compare innate responses to liver vs muscle gene transfer Identification of key cellular players in AAV innate sensingRead more

day: Day Two

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