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Immunogenicity stands as one of, if not THE most pressing challenge facing gene therapy drug developers. Neutralizing antibodies and their associated immune response currently compromises both the safety and efficacy of delivering gene therapies to vast proportions of the rare disease patient population. As a result, a huge unmet medical need is created by patients unable to receive this revolutionary therapy.

Attend this online meeting to hear 20+ case studies and clinical readouts from experts at the forefront of the gene therapy field. Explore methods of immunogenicity mitigation, bioanalytical assay analysis, and standardization and immune response prediction; and join the virtual discussion surrounding re-dosing of patients.

Overcome challenges in the development and delivery of gene therapy candidates, to deliver on the promise of efficacious and safe gene therapy modalities.

How Will it Help You Measure, Modulate and Predict Immunogenicity?

Built specifically for gene therapy drug developers, this digital meeting will unite the field’s experts to tackle your biggest immunogenicity roadblocks, enhance your current programs, and bring transformative treatments to patients more quickly and efficiently.

Hear from the likes of Selecta Bioscience, Biogen, and GenSight across 3 days of in-depth online case studies, interactive panel discussions, dedicated Q+A time, and highly appraised virtual networking opportunities to meet and learn from the leaders of this pioneering field.

Attendees of other Gene Therapy Event Series Meetings have said:

“This is "the conference" to attend for professionals that are already involved or about to embark in the gene therapy space. All of the relevant experts in their field are represented and available to share their knowledge and experience. A true educational and networking event!”
Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2019 Attendee - AveXis

“Best conference of the year for gene therapy companies to understand how our industry is tackling the challenges of pioneering the development of our advanced therapy products.”
Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2019 Attendee -Sangamo Therapeutics